About Bonnie Roesger

Photo of Bonnie in her acupuncture officeI was born and raised in a farming community in western Tennessee. This could be the root of my love for natural methods of healing. As I recall parents didn’t just rush to the doctors office for everything. If a baby had colic, there was always some aunt with a home remedy, it might be a way to massage the baby’s abdomen or water with a weak tea of some sort. In any case you resorted to driving in to see the doctor when all else had failed.

I move to Los Angeles in 1979. I had started college in Memphis the year before. That’s where I met Gary. His family lived in Los Angeles. To make a long story short. We have now been married for 29 years and have three daughters and one son, the youngest is 17. I fully understand the demands of family, career and relationship. Being able to adapt to the ever changing dynamics of life is very important in order to enjoy health and happiness within yourself. Here is an area where the “cultivation of self” is so important. Qi-gong, Tai-chi and meditation are tools I use in my everyday life to keep peace within.

In 1987 I started my career as a registered nurse at Centinela Hospital. I worked there for fifteen years. I started on a medical/ surgical floor. I had been told this was where to start if you wanted to know about “everything.” I spent three years taking care of every illness and surgical patient you can think of. I also worked on the orthopedic floor and in the gastroenterology department. I love to learn, so I took a critical care course and went to work in the recovery room. I worked in this area for ten years. I was honored to be an employee of the year in 1994 for my work training new staff and serving on the board for the Post Anesthesia nurses Association. I am very comfortable being a team player. I believe being a good listener and communicator is key to helping people achieve their healthcare goals.

After a back injury in 1999 I discovered acupuncture. This was a turning point in my life and career. Not only did my acupuncturist get rid of my sciatica while improving my overall health he told some things I knew but didn’t want to face. He told me about living a balanced life. A balance of work, rest, exercise and diet. I knew my long hours of “on call” shift work with nights of little to no sleep and vending machine food had prepared my body for injury. I left the hospital and went to work at the Coast surgery center in Torrance. As my back healed and I no longer worked nights, weekends or holidays I found new inspiration and energy.

In 2003 I entered the Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Program at Yo San University. I had discovered a well documented, holistic, and natural healing method that had good written records dating back thousands of years. Traditional medicine had been used on billions of people, safely.

I put my whole heart and energy into learning this medicine. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to learn it and practice it.