How I Can Help You

Chinese painting with two birdsI am a licensed acupuncturist and a Registered Nurse. With 22 years of healthcare experience, your health is in good hands. I have extensive experience in pain management, orthopedics and internal medicine. Your safety is my priority. I practice OSHA guidelines for sterility and infection control as well as HIPPA guidelines to protect your healthcare information.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is effective for a variety of different conditions. It is time tested and safe. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years on billions of people. The benefits of acupuncture are widely recognized, and it is being increasingly integrated with mainstream healthcare. Since the 1970’s when acupuncture and Oriental Medicine first became available in the United States, more than 15 million Americans have tried it. The risk of side effects is very low and the potential benefits very high. For more information about what acupuncture can treat, please go to my Patient Resources section.

I use a sophisticated and complex method of pattern diagnosis to see each patient as a whole. The bigger picture of a person’s overall health is their “pattern.” The symptoms that have brought them in for treatment are addressed within the context of their individual pattern. There is an old saying in Traditional Medicine: “same disease different treatment, different disease same treatment.” When I explain this to my patients I use the example of the common cold. Two people with the same virus, robust teenager and frail elderly person, get different herbs and different acupuncture treatments because their patterns are different.

I practice Traditional Chinese Herbalism. This is different than Western folk herbalism. Western herbalism generally uses single herbs or groups of herbs that treat the same disease in everyone. In contrast, Traditional Chinese herbalism uses recipes of 6-15 herbs to treat diseases according to a patient’s individual, unique health pattern. Herbs are mostly leaves, roots, seeds, berries, flowers, bark and stems. Some mineral and animal products are occasionally used. Traditional herbal recipes can be boiled into a tea called a decoction or taken as a pill or powder. Some herbs are applied to the skin as a poultice or plaster. I only purchase herbs from suppliers that test for heavy metals, pesticides and contaminates by independent laboratories here in the USA. I also do not use any endangered plant or animal products.

I can speak about Chinese Medicine for your group. If you find this ancient healing method as fascinating as I do and would like to hear more about it, I do pubic speaking for small groups. I show part of a documentary, do brief talk with question and answer, bring an herb or two to taste and a few supplies from the office to look at. If time allows I do some tongue and pulse health readings on volunteers from the audience.